Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Ever since the pandemic, I have been having a lot of panic attacks and really bad anxiety. Sometimes I cannot sleep at night because of the negative thoughts in my head. I sometimes think I want to get a therapist or a counselor but then again, I am like it would mean that something is wrong with me and I am ashamed to say I have a therapist, so going to one really scares me. I am also black and all the racial injustice going on just makes my anxiety even worst.  I think I may be suffering from depression at times, but I don’t like the stigma that comes with it. Being black already is baggage for me to carry on daily, so don’t want to add anything to my load.  I have quotes that I recite in my mind when I feel my anxiety coming on strong, but I really need help with finding a therapist or counselor who can help me manage my emotions.  Please help me. Thank you.