I really don’t know how to start this story so I’ll start from the beginning. I’ve never been so confused in my life, I’m a mother of 3 children and we moved here to Utah from East St Louis IL a city where anything goes, but I wanted my children to be prosperous and live a life where they didn’t have to dodge bullets all day and night and because I have two girls I didn’t want them to be like me pregnant at16 and trying to raise a baby and I was still a baby. So I ran I had family here so I ran. When we arrived here it’s something about Utah it’s like you can’t leave , it was good at first I’ve been here 17 years but I can’t breathe. So all of a sudden covid 19 starts and the racial violence had started to fester and I felt it I can’t sleep, my nerves are a wreck and yesterday I was told by my Dr that I’m suffering with yet another thing called anxiety. I was raised by a strong black woman and we never knew anything about anxiety, I’m like WTF , I’m diabetic , high pretension , along with having pageant disease, now I’ve added Anxiety.